I-Now Home Portal Login

I-Now Home Portal Login
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iNow/Chalkable Home Portal Info

All WES parents have online access to their students’ grades, attendance, and discipline information using the iNOW/Chalkable Home Portal and a confidential password. Student passwords were recently reset. You will need to complete the following to access your online student records.

- Access the link above.
- Enter the username you were given.
- Enter in Password Box (first time only): Bearcats1.
The first time you log in you will be required to change your password.

You may subscribe for email notifications when an absence, tardy, failing grade, or discipline record is posted to your iNow/Chalkable student record. To receive notifications complete the following process:

1. Complete steps 1-5 listed above
2. Select: Settings (Under System Preferences, left hand column)
3. Check desired notifications: Attendance, Discipline, Grades, and you must check “Go Green”
4. Make sure email address is entered and accurate
5. Click: Save